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Reaching target...Look good vs Do good

There was once a man who wanted to be the best at something and he chose archery. He practiced and practiced until he could hit the bull's eye every time. Soon he was champion of his village, then in time became champion of the country.

You are very good,” said a man in the audience, “but I know someone even better. He's a farmer and his name is Nasrudin. Would you like to meet him?” The man led the archer to Nasrudin's courtyard. There, the archer saw a high, wooden wall with over a hundred targets painted onto it.

At the very epicenter of every bull's eye was an arrow and the archer was impressed. When Nasrudin came out to greet him, the archer said “Tell me, I've practiced my whole life to be as good as I can. I can hit the bull's eye every time, but you not only hit the bull's eye, you hit it right in the very, very center, a perfect shot each time.” Nasrudin smiled. “Well, you do things your way,” he said, “and I do things mine.

You see, first I fire the arrow, then I paint the target around it!”

And you? How would you say you set targets and measure results?

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