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Are you cutting stones or sculpting Notre Dame de Paris?

A story says that three workers were sitting on the street pavement of l'île de la Cité and were cutting stones all day. If they did the very same work, they however had a vey different attitude and energy.

The first man was exhausted, depressed, back broken, and livid: He was cutting stones 10 hours a day, 6 days a week.

The second was in better shape, but still had a distant gaze: He was working at feeding his family.

The third one was shining and smiling: He was carving out Notre Dame de Paris

Well, this metaphor illustrates the way we help. We help defining the common higher purpose, setting the proper governance, and communicating it effectively.

We help leaders to create a sense of belonging into their organization: Individual stonecutters to become a solid team erecting a cathedral.

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